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[Fic announcement repost]
Title: Draculoids Will Never Hurt You
Author: [personal profile] sassbandit and [personal profile] were_duck ([personal profile] anatratrope)
Band(s): MCR, MSI, and various MCR wives and members of other bands
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray/Show Pony, various minor/background/past pairings
Word Count: 99k
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply, but the story does contain (highlight to read) skip) portrayal of drug addiction; offscreen violence involving a child; and serious injury and death to some minor characters.

Summary: Gerard hates his job in the art department at BLI. The only good part of his day is hanging with the smokers downstairs, especially Frank, who shares Gerard’s frustration and rebellion against the corporate norms. But when Frank is fired, Gerard quits his job too, and with Mikey’s and Ray’s help, sets off to find Frank, irritate Korse, and turn art into revolution.

This is an origin story, tracing the lives of the Fabulous Killjoys from their ordinary office jobs to their desert showdown against Korse and the draculoids, as shown in the Na na na video. We started writing it a week after the first Danger Days trailer video came out, thinking it would be about ten thousand words, and it got a little out of hand. Um, sorry?

Part One on Dreamwidth
Part Two on Dreamwidth

Entire work on AO3

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Fanart: Three Untitled Pieces by [ profile] kidsxheroes

Fanmix: Face What You Fear by [ profile] bittersweetrick

Fanmix: Draculoids and Polar Bears by [ profile] maggiebloome

Thanks also to...

Our enormous army of betas and cheerleaders. So many people have stepped up to have a shot at it over the past (holy wtf) 9 months that we're sure we'll miss some when we try to list them. Thank you especially to [personal profile] isweedan, who left detailed and insightful comments through the whole fic and really kicked us to make this story better. Thanks also to [personal profile] chagrined, [personal profile] epershand, [personal profile] fairestcat, [personal profile] green, [personal profile] jjtaylor, [personal profile] marina, [personal profile] oliviacirce, [personal profile] roga, [personal profile] synecdochic, and [personal profile] themeletor, who've variously spent hours with us in IM, left feedback on our doc, helped us research, proofread, and kicked our asses and gave us support and encouragement when we needed it. Every single one of you helped us immensely with getting this fic out at last, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks also to everyone who cheerled this fic and kept us excited and committed to finishing it over these last several months--you all know who you are.

We also want to thank the [ profile] bandombigbang mods for running the challenge!

Of course, any remaining mistakes are our own.
anatratrope: Gerard standing defiantly, yellow mask on with red paint under his jaw (Gerard)
Title: Keep Running
Fandom: Bandom, MCR Killjoysverse. Based on the Na Na Na and SING videos, with reference to other songs on the Danger Days album.
Pairings: Gerard/Korse, Gerard/Frank
Rating: explicit
Length: ~8000 words
Disclaimer: This is a work of utter fiction loosely based on the public personas of real people, set in the fictional world of their music videos, which I do not own. No disrespect is intended, and no money is being made here.
Warnings: (skip)Torture that leads to permanent physical damage, character death (from video canon)

Notes: Written on a whim for [personal profile] green, who wanted torture and healing in this fandom. Thanks to [personal profile] epershand for reading through early drafts and kicking me in the tense, to [personal profile] green for being all <3's when I sent her the doc, and to [personal profile] sasha_feather for final beta and rolling her eyes at my dithering and telling me to post already. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

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