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[Fic announcement repost]
Title: Draculoids Will Never Hurt You
Author: [personal profile] sassbandit and [personal profile] were_duck ([personal profile] anatratrope)
Band(s): MCR, MSI, and various MCR wives and members of other bands
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard, Mikey/Ray/Show Pony, various minor/background/past pairings
Word Count: 99k
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply, but the story does contain (highlight to read) skip) portrayal of drug addiction; offscreen violence involving a child; and serious injury and death to some minor characters.

Summary: Gerard hates his job in the art department at BLI. The only good part of his day is hanging with the smokers downstairs, especially Frank, who shares Gerard’s frustration and rebellion against the corporate norms. But when Frank is fired, Gerard quits his job too, and with Mikey’s and Ray’s help, sets off to find Frank, irritate Korse, and turn art into revolution.

This is an origin story, tracing the lives of the Fabulous Killjoys from their ordinary office jobs to their desert showdown against Korse and the draculoids, as shown in the Na na na video. We started writing it a week after the first Danger Days trailer video came out, thinking it would be about ten thousand words, and it got a little out of hand. Um, sorry?

Part One on Dreamwidth
Part Two on Dreamwidth

Entire work on AO3

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Fanart: Three Untitled Pieces by [ profile] kidsxheroes

Fanmix: Face What You Fear by [ profile] bittersweetrick

Fanmix: Draculoids and Polar Bears by [ profile] maggiebloome

Thanks also to...

Our enormous army of betas and cheerleaders. So many people have stepped up to have a shot at it over the past (holy wtf) 9 months that we're sure we'll miss some when we try to list them. Thank you especially to [personal profile] isweedan, who left detailed and insightful comments through the whole fic and really kicked us to make this story better. Thanks also to [personal profile] chagrined, [personal profile] epershand, [personal profile] fairestcat, [personal profile] green, [personal profile] jjtaylor, [personal profile] marina, [personal profile] oliviacirce, [personal profile] roga, [personal profile] synecdochic, and [personal profile] themeletor, who've variously spent hours with us in IM, left feedback on our doc, helped us research, proofread, and kicked our asses and gave us support and encouragement when we needed it. Every single one of you helped us immensely with getting this fic out at last, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks also to everyone who cheerled this fic and kept us excited and committed to finishing it over these last several months--you all know who you are.

We also want to thank the [ profile] bandombigbang mods for running the challenge!

Of course, any remaining mistakes are our own.
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Title: Keep Running
Fandom: Bandom, MCR Killjoysverse. Based on the Na Na Na and SING videos, with reference to other songs on the Danger Days album.
Pairings: Gerard/Korse, Gerard/Frank
Rating: explicit
Length: ~8000 words
Disclaimer: This is a work of utter fiction loosely based on the public personas of real people, set in the fictional world of their music videos, which I do not own. No disrespect is intended, and no money is being made here.
Warnings: (skip)Torture that leads to permanent physical damage, character death (from video canon)

Notes: Written on a whim for [personal profile] green, who wanted torture and healing in this fandom. Thanks to [personal profile] epershand for reading through early drafts and kicking me in the tense, to [personal profile] green for being all <3's when I sent her the doc, and to [personal profile] sasha_feather for final beta and rolling her eyes at my dithering and telling me to post already. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

The man on the table is letting out a constant stream of babble, his eyes overbright and panicked. )
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Title: "Whiskey Foxtrot Tango"
Fandom: Fringe, Episode tag to 2x22 "Brown Betty"
Pairing: Olivia/Esther ("Brown Betty" episode detective AU)
Rating: explicit
Length: ~2100 words
Summary: In the Brown Betty canon AU, Esther Figglesworth (AU!Astrid Farnsworth) sets out to seduce Detective Olivia Dunham with an alien sex toy.
Warnings: None
Notes: Written to fill my kink_bingo "object penetration (sex toys worn under clothing)" square.

Thank you so much to my lovely betas [personal profile] sasha_feather, [personal profile] jesse_the_k and [personal profile] anna_bird!! You are wonderful.

All comments and feedback extremely loved!

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[personal profile] sasha_feather and I wrote a fic as a belated wedding present for [personal profile] anna_bird! Here is the info and link:

Title: "Escutcheon"
Authors: [personal profile] anatratrope and [personal profile] sasha_feather (inspired by [community profile] kink_bingo; "tattooing" square)
A wedding gift for [personal profile] anna_bird
Stargate: Atlantis
Established relationship OT4 (McKay/Sheppard/Dex/Emmagan)
Warnings: none
Contains alcohol and drug use, tattooing, light bondage. Also, escutcheons.
Rating: adult
Word count: ~7,000
Disclaimer: not ours, for fun not profit
Betas: [personal profile] jesse_the_k and [personal profile] wintercreek (Fiddled with extensively post-beta! Remaining mistakes are ours alone.)

Follow the fake cut tag for more
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I signed up for Kink Bingo! Here is my card:

I have a lot of roleplaying on my card! Some of these are very exciting, with ideas already percolating, some will be challenging for me to write, but I am so excited for this. Due to writers' block, I am aiming to just finish a bingo this time around, and if that happens I can upgrade myself to more ambitious goals, though I'll admit: it's hard not to start thinking about double-line bingos and the very tasty and tempting postage stamp opportunities offered by that upper right-hand corner.

I'm really excited about the opportunities this challenge presents for writing in obscure fandoms and unusual-for-me pairings. I'm multifannish but I always end up back with John/Rodney for reading fic, and now that I'm actually trying to convince myself to <i>write</i> fic, I'm jazzed about pushing beyond that default fandom.

Hooray! Yay kink bingo! Thanks, mods!

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This is a by-no-means-complete list of my very favorite fics. For the ones that I listened to in podfic form, I've included links to the audiofic archive, courtesy of [personal profile] general_jinjur . I'm sure others of these have podfics, but to save my sanity I'm only linking to the ones I have personally listened to and enjoyed. Most of these contain very explicit homosexual sex, and they are all SGA unless otherwise noted.

Queerness & Genderswap Fic:

"Friendly" by [personal profile] cesperanza    Podfic read by [personal profile] fiercelydreamed This one gets me every time I listen to it (which is every few weeks--it is permanently on my iPod)

"Straight as a Circle" by [personal profile] toomuchplor John wakes up one day and finds he's suddenly straight. REALLY WELL DONE.

"always should be someone you really love"
by [personal profile] thingswithwings  (Why has nobody podficced this yet?? It is in my top 5 favorite fics ever!) Also worth reading is the DVD commentary by the author, especially if you love meta and queer theory.

"Gayworld" by [personal profile] zelempa 

"Penis Envy, and Other Things Meredith McKay Doesn't Actually Have"
by [personal profile] thedeadparrot 

"Story of a Girl" by [personal profile] seperis . John as a girl!

Generally Awesome:

"Written by the Victors" by [personal profile] cesperanza  Podfic in several forms by a whole slew of people (OMG it is SO COMPLETELY WORTH IT) A must-read in this fandom, truly.

"Dr Fumbles McStupid's Best Political Cousin" by [personal profile] sheafrotherdon Pre-election jitters, very fun to read.

"A Farm in Iowa" stories by [personal profile] sheafrotherdon  Podfic read by [profile] hack_benjamin22  and a collection of short work in the universe read by [personal profile] summertea 

"Ordinary Life"
by [personal profile] cesperanza and [personal profile] shalott (I'll never think of "mathematicians' in the same way again. Very action-adventury, fun fun fun) Podfic read by [personal profile] zoetrope 

"Fix" by [personal profile] crysothemis  This contains the BEST, most HOT bad sex I have ever read. I also really dig "Too Good"

"The Legend of the Browncoats and the Shining City" by [personal profile] anna_bird  and [personal profile] sasha_feather  (Firefly/SGA crossover)

"Cast Off Thy (Technological) Burdens" by [personal profile] anna_bird  (PWP drabble for those in technological withdrawal)

"Who's Left and Who's Leaving" by[personal profile] fiercelydreamed  secession fic! Podfic read by the author

 and "Coda" by [personal profile] fiercelydreamed  AU, amnesia, understated and evocative. Podfic read by [personal profile] justbreathe80 


"Healing Station Argh" by [profile] toft_froggy SO HILARIOUS AND HOT!!! 

"No, Really" and "Yes, Maybe" by [personal profile] basingstoke 

The Crack, I Smoked It:

"But Where Would They Live?"
by [personal profile] thingswithwings  John: a unicorn. Rodney: A rainbow. Yes. There's also a sequel, "Dreams That You Dare to Dream"

"That Which Does Not Kill Us"
by [profile] liketheriverrun 

"The Epic Tale of Rodney & John, Two Girl Scout Cookies in Love"  [The Pix or It Didn't Happen Remix] by [personal profile] bitter_crimson 

Ouch, My Heart (PTSD and/or H/C and/or Depressing Yet Necessary):

"In the City of Seven Walls" and the related "Ritual" by [profile] auburnnothenna  Podfic read gorgeously by [personal profile] general_jinjur . It's long and really hard to hear and hits close to home and is so completely spot-on.

"All The Places We Have Met" by [profile] toft_froggy   Podfic read by [personal profile] thingswithwings 

"Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose"
by [personal profile] synecdochic 

"The Monsters Men Don't See" by [personal profile] anna_bird (It's like the show would be if there were ever actually consequences!)

"Cool Hand Luke" by [personal profile] fiercelydreamed Podfic read by [personal profile] shaenie 

"Rock, Paper (No Scissors)" by [personal profile] zelempa 

"The Price that Life Exacts"
by [personal profile] cathalin  PTSD and kidfic at once! Does it well.

"Mirror Box" by [personal profile] anna_bird and [personal profile] sasha_feather  (BSG Gaeta/Anders, spoilers for S4 "Sine Qua Non")

Merlin fic:

New fandom, and so far I only have a few very favorites.

Anything by [personal profile] linaerys  is gold. I particularly like the Arthurian legend-infused ones, "A Beast in Winter", "Springtime Promises" and "A Year and a Day"

"MERLIN" by [personal profile] moonythestrals  is AU cracky goodness. Arthur is a frat boy. Nuff said.

"Exit Music (For a witch)"
vid by [profile] heyiya . SO GOOD. It fixes the show's glaring problem with magical women.

Fic rec!

Feb. 28th, 2009 06:56 pm
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If you have a chance, check out [ profile] bittenbird 's latest fic, "A Sure Sign of Transience". McKay/Sheppard, totally hot, and the best carrot I've ever had dangled before me! She gives good clueless Rodney.

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TITLE: The (Dr.) Manhattan Project
AUTHOR: [personal profile] anatratrope
SUMMARY: John gives Rodney a Valentine's Day present... and things don't turn out quite how he expected. Pretty much light-hearted PWP.
PAIRING: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
WORD COUNT: ~3,000
Disclaimer: Not mine! I only profit from it intangibly!
NOTES: For [ profile] sheafrotherdon 's flirting/friendship/thinking of you fest

Thank you to my lovely betas, [ profile] bittenbird  and [ profile] sasha_feather !! Your cheerleading and carrots made this possible!

No, I   didn't come up with the Dr. Manhattan thing all by myself...

This is my first fic! Comments are love!

The Manhattan Project )


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